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nocultureicons 18-07-2016 18:17


Originally Posted by Nobody (Post 2660925)
I usually just classify these things as promos.

I just discovered a few days a go that an Egyptian group called Nuba Nour covered Ready For Drowning for a Record Store Day 7" in 2014. Anyone heard this?

I've tried to find that streaming a few times but never managed.

zaza_3121 20-07-2016 12:56

Jupiter & Beyond by Golem

Now..0:28 sounds very much like Let's Go To War, just a bit faster. I seem to recall Sean mentioned Golem - Orion Awakes as one of his favourite krautrock albums.

Lord Revan 22-07-2016 09:07


Originally Posted by Bambi (Post 2661138)
I once recorded an acoustic comic reinterpretation of I'm Just A Patsy, including references to A. gravy and B. getting locked in a toilet in Hereford. Two copies exist (perhaps two too many).


Porco 23-07-2016 11:24

This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours is nearly 18 years old. If it was a person, it could legally be supplied with alcoholic beverges in a couple of months' time. I feel old.

Strawberry 23-07-2016 20:39

:o That makes me feel old as well.

mrdavidj 27-07-2016 16:59

Is the B-side of Lifeblood the best in the Manics catalogue?

*considers the B-side of Futurology*

I think it's close.

As for best A-side, that's somewhat more difficult for me to choose.

Son of Stopped 27-07-2016 17:57

I'd put the b-sides for YLAINE above the Lifeblood b-sides. My favourite period for b-sides is for This Is My Truth... of all things!
Actually, I'd put the b-sides for Know Your Enemy above the YLAINE b-sides.

mrdavidj 27-07-2016 18:13

I meant B-side as in the second half of the album, or the flip-side of the album on vinyl, rather than b-sides of the singles of the era. Easy mistake. (I did consider saying side 2, and I realise that Generation Terrorists also has two extra sides)

Automatik 09-08-2016 11:17

Sean teasing us on Twitter with the vaguest possibility of new material has really made my year.

That is all.

Automatik 10-08-2016 18:12

There By The Grace Of God really had some gorgeous alternate versions (St Etienne Remix, Starecase Mix and Acoustic). They just came on one after another following the original on my playlist.

Great stuff.

UEF 24-08-2016 21:18

A bit tenuous, but the guitar in this...

Automatik 27-08-2016 00:33

The odd flat bass blurt that comes in at 3.58 in the Saint Etienne Remix of There By The Grace Of God just makes an amazingly dystopian remix even better.

Borderliner 03-09-2016 23:42

Anyone knows what version is this? When it was recorded and so on?

Nobody 04-09-2016 06:44

Going by this page it looks like the Wales At No 1 2015 concert.

Strawberry 07-09-2016 19:41

Yesterday, when I was looking at the TV listings on the remote control, I noticed that there was a programme on BBC4 at 8pm called Illuminations: Private Lives of Medieval Kings. Episode 3 of 3. Also, the episode title was Libraries Gave Us Power.

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