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Routine Builder 02-10-2020 19:08

Autumn Song is a terrible counter argument for Suicide is Painless. When you find someone hovering over a ledge, you're hardly going to get them back in using with headphones repeatedly blaring "what have you done to your hair!".

raven 02-10-2020 20:45

Fair. You should definitely tell them suicide is painless.

hummingbird 02-10-2020 20:52


Originally Posted by raven (Post 2684900)
Because Suicide..isn't even a Manics song so Autumnsong should edge it? No? That not your argument?? :)

I love Autumnsong ....bit more hopeful than Suicide is Painless ...debatable as the great Dorothy Parker said...guns aren't lawful, nooses give, gas smells awful...might as well live


It is a Manics song to me :) Their version was the first I heard it. Probably first Manics single I bought. The original version is waaay to happy clappy snap yr fingers type thing despite the lyrics.

rosetree 02-10-2020 21:04

I dont know why there's so much dislike for Autumn song. I think its one of the best songs particularly live.

I think it encapsulates freedom.

Routine Builder 02-10-2020 21:20


Originally Posted by raven (Post 2684906)
Fair. You should definitely tell them suicide is painless.

I jest, but I doubt Autumn Song would be the one to pull someone back from the brink. Despite its title, Suicide has energy and life to it. It comes from a band that wants to live. Autumn Song just sounds like giving in to mediocrity and the onslaught of never recapturing your youth. Its music video is two young women just standing and waving some Wands for three and a half minutes. It's a poor person's Enola Alone which would definitely pull me back.

hummingbird 02-10-2020 21:55

They paired door to the river with small black flowers...WHICH ONE DO I PICK ? *

*spoiler : small black flowers but it was CLOSE

raven 02-10-2020 23:23

I'm not arguing against Suicide...being a great song ...take or leave it as you please
but I do love Autumnsong....very melodic/anthemic...ok true the verse lyrics sound a bit banal....they might relate to youth/boredom/rebellion or they may reference Richey and/or there are some throwbacks to earlier lyrics (thrown in for the fans? Cos they're that kinda band...ha ha)but the chorus lifts it...simple but effective ....spring comes round again...

IntlDebris 03-10-2020 11:03

Yeah, I don't get the hate for Autumnsong, I think it's lovely.
Suicide is Painless straddles the 'angst' line with me and I have to be in a very particular mood to not just find it a bit cringey.

Routine Builder 03-10-2020 13:15

Autumn Song on its own is fine. The first live recording of it before the album released got me quite excited. The production is what buries it, the swelling strings seem to push an emotional catharsis that doesn't exist in the lyrics.

Porco 03-10-2020 22:59

It’s just the main guitar riff that grates on me in Autumnsong. I think I get, and admire, what JDB was going for with it - it's like autumn leaves falling by way of a Sweet Child O’ Mine homage, but there’s something about the squealy tone+the melody that my ears just don’t really enjoy on a visceral level. I do enjoy the rest of it, including the string swells, especially the mid8 and guitar solo, weirdly enough given my issue with the main riff’s tone (so maybe it is just that melody? Or a bit of both).

I actually like some of the lyrics, but overall the words are a bit too much on the hairy side... :lol: ... as it were.

Borderliner 04-10-2020 11:30

Indian Summer is Design For Life on steroids.

raven 04-10-2020 21:59

Much as I've argued for it it doesn't hold a candle to Sweet Child O' Mine

Indian Summer? Outshining A Design...?! Come now

Winterlovers.......for the hat trick

What happened to spring

blackflower 05-10-2020 10:30

I listen to Indian Summer much more than I listen to A Design For Life these days. Design is amazing but it's so wrapped up in huge emotions and memories - the thrill of their return after Richey disappeared, the many many gigs where I've hollered along to it arms aloft - that it almost feels wrong to just pop it on a playlist and listen to it any old time. Indian Summer is a brilliant song with a similar feel to it, and it doesn't wallop me in the face with epic nostalgia every time I listen to it, so I'm much more likely to listen to that if I'm in the mood for a stirring Manics tune.

rosetree 05-10-2020 10:34

I think Borderliner was meaning Indian Summer is like Nicky was seeing 2020 when they wrote the lyrics, Covid-19 Steroid drugs? Design for Life is how it is now rather than outdoing the song. I think the whole album could be 2020 Winterlovers and Autumnsong.

Borderliner 05-10-2020 19:28

I can sense more energy in Indian Summer but Design for Life is all about hopelessness.
I don't even think about covid, 2020 is shite even without it.

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