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Velocitygirl 04-08-2019 22:13

Richey Movie?
Okay, so first came "that book" and now it appears that this movie is happening ...

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't see it on the main page. Anyway, I'm really unsure of how to feel about this. The very fact that it's currently titled "4 Real" is making me feel faintly nauseas. But, does anyone here know anything else about this?

scott_laconia 05-08-2019 07:54

It will be terrible.

sculptureofabloke 05-08-2019 08:57

I'm willing to give it a go. I haven't read Withdrawn Traces and I'm not interested in doing so. I don't know if this will be related to that at all either, but I hope not. As with anything, there's potential. If it's something in the style of Control I think it could be great, if it's something that shows a bit of his early life, him joining the band and the hightlights of his career in the band. Who knows.

Dac X Lee 05-08-2019 10:57

Honestly, I always wanted an animated series based on their early biography.
A film sounds good, but it's such a sensitive topic, they better make it really good.

Son of Stopped 05-08-2019 11:09

A "Teen Titans Go To The Movies" about a supervillain making Movies about musicians as a cover to steal components for a super mind manipulation device would be amazing!
But it won't be that.
I hated Bohemian Rhapsody. Fell asleep about forty minutes in and next thing I know they were playing Live Aid! Now if that's in a film about the greatest ever (as it says on the press release) then what chance has a Richey film got?
"I'm miserable depressed and good looking"
"I'm miserable depressed and have joined a band with my friends"
"I'm miserable depressed and in a band. Oh look I cut my arm."
"I'm miserable depressed but my band have had some chart hits"
"I'm miserable depressed and fucking off".

Music Biopics are the equivalent of vanity publishing for writers.
Pink Floyd The Wall only worked because it was inspired by an album. Not the band's tedious upbringing.
A film based on the music and using Manics songs would be more interesting than a race to the bottom trying to keep up with modern trends.

Still what year is it? 2019? How's this for dodging a bullet, if the film was made in the late 90's it would have been a Richard Curtis Romantic Comedy about a Welsh musician who disappears to escape the pressures... Only to find love at a service station with an incredibly beautiful but strong willed waitress.
*Acoustic guitar strikes
#Oh Richey... Oh Richey...

Dac X Lee 05-08-2019 12:09


Originally Posted by Son of Stopped (Post 2679897)
A film based on the music and using Manics songs would be more interesting

I'd love to see that.

Mr Richey 05-08-2019 13:29

Unless it’s a straight up documentary, this is a terrible idea. Edwards’ very real battles with mental illness do not need Hollywood romanticising or glorifying. A spokeswoman for the band has already confirmed that the lads have nothing to do with the project and won’t be commenting on it further.

River Boy 05-08-2019 13:56

If they do a good job of it then great, but most films are bad and most screenplays are bad so we need to get lucky - and hopefully it isn't based on that recent book otherwise it might be even worse than Velvet Goldmine.

Velocitygirl 05-08-2019 14:10

I was still a bit "surprised" when I started this thread and hadn't organised my own thoughts on the matter. But, anyway, I think the only "dramatisation" I've seen of Richey's disappearance was that truly awful doc that Channel 4 did, years ago. The one with the two scary fans who have since become infamous and a by-word for the more extreme fan elements. I cannot help but see this movie as a feature-length version of that doc's awful dramatic moments.

If it really does get made and really does go up for general release, I should give it a chance. Just for the sake of fairness. But knowing now that the band will have no part in it and have nothing further to say is warning me off it.

LA ex 05-08-2019 15:35

According to the NME the band's spokesperson has said "“The band have nothing to do with this film, and nothing to say about it.”

UEF 05-08-2019 17:08


Originally Posted by scott_laconia (Post 2679893)
It will be terrible.

Classic manics fan response :lol:

Lee 05-08-2019 17:49


Originally Posted by LA ex (Post 2679903)
According to the NME the band's spokesperson has said "ďThe band have nothing to do with this film, and nothing to say about it.Ē

Kind of expected.

I remember around the time of TIMT, James saying that itís inevitable a film about Richey will be made (although he probably didnít mean 20 years later!) and he didnít sound chuffed about it.

Porco 05-08-2019 19:21

*deploys the Toast*

IntlDebris 05-08-2019 19:25

Oh for fuck's sake.

baleofhey 05-08-2019 19:35

This is not a good idea... :(

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