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Hunter 23-01-2015 16:50


Originally Posted by Hunter (Post 2632863)
Thanks for the link, I wonder how long the 'early sale' will be in effect as those are only available online and not in person at the club.

I suppose I should have called before posting this haha the club just told me that they'll be on sale at the box office at noon (which will save me a few $$$).

Takk 23-01-2015 17:03

I want to go to this one so bad! Humm, direct flight. hmmmm.

Hunter 23-01-2015 18:39

4 aces up in this bee-yatch

bgdaniels 23-01-2015 18:53

Also just walked over and grabbed two tickets. Can't wait!! Total of 52 bucks if buying in person - very reasonable.

Rocking Chair 23-01-2015 19:13

Nice! Guess I could have waited. ;) But super-excited regardless.

Hunter 23-01-2015 19:21

Well in fairness I didn't realize until now that you could buy 'early sale' tickets in person at the club or I would have saved a few bucks on Sturgill Simpson and Death From Above 1979 tickets that were also 'early sale' that I bought online haha Though it may vary by show as to whether the walkup option exists and thankfully for the Manics it did, I couldn't justify paying an extra $30-40 over a $4+$3-4 subway ride.

bgdaniels 23-01-2015 20:14

I believe you can walk up and buy tickets for any show - I've done it for Foals and Chromeo with no problems.

Hunter 23-01-2015 20:41


Originally Posted by bgdaniels (Post 2632894)
I believe you can walk up and buy tickets for any show - I've done it for Foals and Chromeo with no problems.

Any show on regular sale is absolutely no problem to buy in person; however I thought (apparently incorrectly haha) the unannounced 'early sales' that they do from time to time (where they don't list it on the club site and only have hidden ticketfly links) were only available via that online option.

Hunter 24-01-2015 01:02

The 9:30 Club will be a great place to catch the show but admittedly in the past I had been harboring fantasies of them playing Jammin Java in Northern VA when they returned to the states (anyone who has been there knows what I mean, good lighting, good sound but a capacity of only 200, talk about a fucking dream Manics show!).

Sarah22310 25-01-2015 20:03

Today, I did something I've been dying to do for 20 years: I bought a pink feather boa, camo face paint and a tiara. I may be 40 years old but, dammit, I have waited for this show half of my life. I've so excited and overwhelmed at the prospect of finally, finally, FINALLY getting to see them! (apologies for the gushing)

Hunter 26-01-2015 00:49

I'm really surprised, not that I have much of an online presence on the 930 Club forum but I check their 'just announced' thread regularly...judging from the chatter there are a LOT of people excited for this show, much more than I had anticipated.

Backfire 27-01-2015 03:52

Purchased two tickets so I'm good

Rocking Chair 20-04-2015 03:43

Anxiously awaiting Monday night. Exciting too that D.C kicks off the tour!

The Holy Bum-Bum 20-04-2015 09:25

Is there any chance that someone at this gig can take a picture of the merch stand and post it in this thread?

allisvanity 20-04-2015 10:24

Hope all you stateside folk enjoy tonight! And anybody attending the rest of the tour of course.

Looking forward to seeing the setlists ahead of Cardiff Castle...

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