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Lindz Delirium 20-04-2015 11:24

Have a great time everyone x

pineapple 20-04-2015 11:31

Have a great time everyone :-)

cdrw1992 20-04-2015 11:33

Enjoy the gig everyone, have a fantastic night!

Son of Stopped 20-04-2015 11:58

Enjoy the gig and look forward to reading about it tomorrow. (I'm not staying up until 1.30 in the morning to catch it live!)

Abstract Unknown Girl 20-04-2015 12:14

Hope everyone going has a great time, you're in for a treat!

Rocking Chair 20-04-2015 13:22


Originally Posted by The Holy Bum-Bum (Post 2640268)
Is there any chance that someone at this gig can take a picture of the merch stand and post it in this thread?

Sure thing. Will do my best to snap a picture.

bgdaniels 20-04-2015 13:35


This will be my third Manics show, with the first two being Philadelphia/NYC back in '09. But as a huge fan of the band for almost 20 years (was 12/13 when I first heard ADFL), the excitement of seeing them live in the US is tough to beat. They so rarely come here that they have this almost mythical quality to the me. Needless to say, my girlfriend and I will be losing our shit. Starting off with a beer or 3 at Solly's and getting to 930 Club in time for the opening act just so we can have a good spot to see our heroes live and in the flesh!

And when James comes out wearing his sailor outfit and the Yes quote comes blaring out of the speakers, well...I think everyone know's how I will feel!

As an aside, I'm really curious to hear what the Hits set will be - will they play Futurology material, considering the album never came out here? They have to, right? I'd love to hear Walk Me to the Bridge. But anyway, setlists et al will be here before we know it!

I hope everyone has fun tonight and through the rest of the tour - let's do this!!

Hunter 20-04-2015 13:40

#2 for me (I passed on their '96 Northern VA show because I was broke as hell and either had the choice to pay to see them as an opener or see Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan as a headliner, given that Nusrat cancelled the rest of his tour after the DC show and passed away less than a year later I still feel like I made the right choice though I would have loved to have seen the Manics in a large outdoor amphitheater just for the novelty factor).

beautyfindsrefuge 20-04-2015 13:46

This will be my second show tonight - see everyone soon!!

The Holy Bum-Bum 20-04-2015 14:41


Originally Posted by Rocking Chair (Post 2640280)
Sure thing. Will do my best to snap a picture.

Thank-you so much. Have an awesome night!

FDGIRL 20-04-2015 15:58

Have fun everyone! Someone tell James not to get sick before he gets to L.A.! Please and thank you! :p:lol:

Hunter 20-04-2015 16:01

930 Club just posted set times for the show tonight, US Royalty at 8:15 and Manics at 9:30

bgdaniels 20-04-2015 16:23


Originally Posted by Hunter (Post 2640295)
930 Club just posted set times for the show tonight, US Royalty at 8:15 and Manics at 9:30

I'm having a very, very hard time getting through the day knowing that my night is going to be so incredible.

Hunter 20-04-2015 16:35

I posted this on FB already but with Manics going on at 9:30 if anyone was planning on taking the Metro in I would seriously reconsider as you run a serious risk of getting stranded.

Backfire 20-04-2015 19:13

Third one for me. Two in Japan and today.

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