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bgdaniels 22-04-2015 15:24

Posted this in the wrong thread:

I should've bought a shirt as a momento if nothing else. Though with everyone's videos and instagram shots/etc., I will always be able to look back on the show.

I also wondered if they cut it slightly short due to not having their own crew, or if they had to change setlists at the last minute due to no keyboard player/extra guitarist. We'll find out if their crew makes it in for the NYC show tomorrow and the setlist expands/changes.

But in a strange way, it does make the show all the more special and classic Manics that they pulled out triumph in the face of actual cancellation. And it was awesome to see them rock the fuck out as a three piece. I wish I could get to one more show just to see if the setlist changes, but I was a happy camper.

And I'm right there with you on Walk Me To the Bridge - that was the ONE song from Futurology that I was dying to hear live. So I was for sure on of those people first pumping and shouting along...a really memorable part of the evening.

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