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NasalScarecrow 02-09-2014 16:05

The main riff from Motorcycle Emptiness was played on Richey's Telecaster.

Geranium Terrorists 08-09-2014 18:45

Dunno whether this has been posted on here before but here's almost all of the Manics at Glastonbury 94

Geranium Terrorists 10-09-2014 19:47

My new bass teacher has played with Nicky and describes him as being "like seven foot" and a "huge tranny"!

wannagetout 11-09-2014 11:59

The photos of them as kids in The Holy Bible booklet... Even at that age Richey looks overwhelmed with existential angst :(

Deets 12-09-2014 17:56

What was the name of that psychopath who claims she can contact with the spirit of Richey? I totally forgot it

Strawberry 12-09-2014 18:16

Angie Kruger.

Geranium Terrorists 12-09-2014 19:10

Inspired by talk in the Futurology thread of the Manics (only) playing songs at festivals that have the title in them, I decided to discover how many of the band's 157 album tracks have the title explicitly mentioned in them (lyrics like "so I convalesce" don't count as the title is The Convalescent).

119 tracks have the title mentioned in them.
Which leaves 38 that don't. Make of that what you will.

Deets 12-09-2014 21:36


Originally Posted by Strawberry (Post 2616327)
Angie Kruger.


Strawberry 18-09-2014 18:25

I'm watching Couples Come Dine With Me on More 4 and I think one of the contestants looks a bit like Sean Moore.

Flint 22-09-2014 21:13

This is just me being grumpy about stuff, but Lifeblood's spotlight was prematurely stolen by the 10th anniversary of The Holy Bible, and now ten years later it seems like the spotlight of the band's best album since Lifeblood is going to be prematurely stolen by the 20th anniversary of The Holy Bible. Harumph.

NasalScarecrow 23-09-2014 16:48

Seeing the Bible artwork plastered everywhere has made me wonder if Jenny Saville has ever seen them live.

Borderliner 27-09-2014 17:34

SPLAM is about Dante XD

amaitheanhorn 27-09-2014 17:43

I passionately hate feather boas at gigs. I always seem to get trapped behind the bastard things and they shed everywhere. They make my eyes and face itch so badly. Even if I move away the itch doesn't stop once the nasty things have touched me!

Porco 27-09-2014 19:22


Originally Posted by Borderliner (Post 2618392)
SPLAM is about Dante XD

You missed one!

Borderliner 27-09-2014 19:51

^ haha nice job, now it's complete *saves the pic* XD

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