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Bonesy 24-05-2019 15:23

1001 Untrue Manics Truths
#1 JDB had to re-record the line before the solo in Archives Of Pain hundreds of times because he kept spelling dessert instead of deserve.

Suicide Aldi 24-05-2019 16:44

#2 Richey played all the solos on Generation Terrorists.

darkanddivine 24-05-2019 18:40

#3 Nicky's most common recurring dream is winning Strictly.

Son of Stopped 24-05-2019 19:21

#4 Russian and American delegates wanted to use Glasnost as the official song of some peace unto world's bullshit but were put off when the Delegates met the band who then played them every other album that wasn't Lifeblood.
Just revealing this could ruin their fortunes forever now.

Porco 24-05-2019 19:47

Coulda just bumped this existing thread:

But Sean wiped the memory of it from 90% of the population with his magical powers. ;)

mishima 24-05-2019 19:48

#5: JDB likes to reinforce his down to earth, man of the people image by pulling a shift at his local chippy, every other Tuesday evening.

Suicide Aldi 24-05-2019 20:50

6# James lives in a glass house and often spends his evenings up on his roof throwing stones at Sean, who lives in the garden.

LA ex 25-05-2019 11:35

7# Sleepflower was written about the fact that Nicky refuses to go to bed unless there is a vase of fresh flowers on his bedside table.

Mr Richey 06-06-2019 14:05

#8 Nicky Wire has an irrational fear of pencil illustrations.

#9 The numerical measurement used for guitar playing capability is known as a “Bradfield”.

Routine Builder 06-06-2019 14:08

#10 That Manics have repeatedly played Springsteen-esque long sets.

Mr Richey 06-06-2019 14:11

#11 During any gig or live performance, Sean wears a small pouch around his neck that contains all of his baby teeth.

Porco 06-06-2019 17:30

#12 It's actually physically impossible to play the song Faster more slowly. A delicate construction of harmonic frequencies mean that the song plays at the same speed whatever you do to it.

#13 International Blue sounds more sad when played internationally.

starfucker 06-06-2019 18:33

Walk Me To The Bridge is absolutely, DEFINITELY NOT about Richey.

Porco 06-06-2019 18:49

We managed to get to #26 before abandoning the numbers last time... lol

Aestivate 06-06-2019 18:56

#15 Sean's dad was a bankrobber

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