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LA ex 25-10-2019 16:17

Greenday Support Gigs (Summer 2020)
Wednesday 27th May - Helsinki Suvilhati, Finland

Friday 29th May - Stockholm Tele 2 Arena, Sweden

Sunday 31st May - Alesund Colorline Stadium, Norway

First live performances for next year (I think). So what else have they got planned.....

LA ex 25-10-2019 16:18

Oooops... didn't notice there was already a thread on this in the main forum. Can anyone get rid of this one please?

Lee 10-06-2020 13:04

No surprise of course but these have been shifted to summer 2021 now. Manics still supporting.

Son of Stopped 14-06-2020 16:43

Back on for Berlin in 2121. (Not me going, just posting story)

EDIT: no! Even then got it wrong. It's the three dates before Berlin. Probably

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