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UEF 18-12-2019 10:07

28-30/08/2020 - Camper Calling, Warwickshire

qster 23-02-2020 12:49

Shed Seven too on the line up. My two fav live bands. Dare I even say this on this forum but the Sheds are unbelievable live, such crowd interaction and Rick has a great voice, Banksy’s guitar playing, Tom is almost over his monitor and will always give you a nod (and a set list)

blackflower 24-02-2020 14:27

Ooh. Jesus Jones are playing on the same day as the Manics. They were an early favourite band before I fully immersed myself in the UK indie scene and I've never seen them live. I might be tempted if they release day tickets!

Son of Stopped 19-03-2021 17:46

This the thread for it? Got a notification etc. Not able to go but it was a story that popped up.

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