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MSPKYE 20-01-2020 09:23

28/06/20 Halifax The Piece Hall

LA ex 20-01-2020 19:35

Seeing as it's just up the road from me I guess I should....

Is this the first of many gigs like this for the summer? Fingers crossed, although would be good if they announced them all at once rather than forcing people to panic buy for a gig in Halifax only to find out a week later they are playing a more convenient location.

junkymotown 21-01-2020 03:42

That's quite a venue to be playing! I used to go there as a kid with my Grandma or my Dad and look round the old second hand shops. I expect it's changed quite a bit since then though...

wireobsessed 21-01-2020 15:56

The venue is amazing. That’s why I’m going to def get tickets. If they’re going to play summer festival-type things at least this is a quirky venue. Should be good.

mishima 22-01-2020 18:23

Wonder if this will be the GATTS gig

Lee 22-01-2020 23:54

Nicky posted on Instagram earlier that they’ve just had their first rehearsal of the year.

Songs included Pennyroyal Tea, Damn Dog, Drug Drug Druggy, Landslide, and Postcards.

Interesting. Very interesting indeed.

junkymotown 23-01-2020 00:03

Wow, let's hope some of those appear in the setlists (and that the band finally learns how to write Pennyroyal Tea properly!!)

LA ex 23-01-2020 20:07

Whilst I'm excited about the prospect of DD and DDD appearing in the set list, isn't it now a pre tour ritual for Nicky to mention rarities have been rehearsed that don't end up played?

blackflower 24-01-2020 09:02

I think the songs he mentioned pre-TIMT tour all came to pass? I remember Sleepflower and Solitude Sometimes Is being mentioned and they were both played!

LA ex 24-01-2020 09:03

... And I'm in!

After recent gig buying experiences that was all rather stress less, thank goodness!

Abstract Unknown Girl 24-01-2020 09:10

Got our tickets with no issues. Halifax is less than an hour away from us, so couldn’t say no to this! Looks like a nice venue too.

blackflower 24-01-2020 09:12

I'm not sure whether to go for this or wait and see if something in or close to London comes up. I'm tempted because everyone says it's such a good venue!

everlasting 24-01-2020 10:58

I'll think about it for a bit. The venue is a beautiful place with lots of little quaint shops, I've been once before, two years ago, just after it's long and expensive redevelopment. If anyone likes to read up on places like I do, here is some information and pictures :)

amay 24-01-2020 14:44

On the tickets site there was an option for 'VIP' - early entrance, private bar etc. Hope that wasn't the band's choosing, and I'm not keen on going if people who can afford it can skip the queue.

Abstract Unknown Girl 24-01-2020 19:42

It’s not the band’s policy, as there’s a series of gigs at Piece Hall and the other gigs also have these premium tickets. It says on See Tickets you get this included:

“Fast track private entrance into the event Access to the covered balcony areas for upper level viewing throughout the event Exclusive access to the private VIP Balcony Bar Access to separate Balcony toilet facilities”

But then the Piece Hall site only says “Premium tickets (with access to upper balcony level with premium bar and toilet facilities)” and doesn’t even mention a fast track entrance.

I don’t think a fast track entrance necessarily means early entry as such anyway, just a separate entrance that’s probably only called fast track because there won’t be as many premium ticket holders as the GA queue, but could be wrong. Premium tickets have already sold out, so I doubt there were that many for sale in the first place and I imagine most into that kind of thing will be headed straight to the bar anyway.

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