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Takk 13-10-2014 21:35

The For Sale Thread II
Everything Must Go.

Grant 18-10-2014 08:06

I'm needing to sell a She Is Suffering 10" vinyl today (bought years ago, but never been played). It was sitting on ebay listed at ebay prices, but I'd be willing to come down in price and pay postage& packaging myself. Can you facebook me at the link below if you're interested? Thanks :)

pcp 21-10-2014 23:49

Selling Lipstick traces and Cooking Cleaning and Flower arranging LPs
I am selling Lipstick traces (VG-flocked cover, not numbered that I can see) and Cooking Cleaning and Flower Arranging (sealed)LPs. Now on ebay:

I also have Motown Junk 7" for sale, not on ebay yet.

junkymotown 22-10-2014 09:20

Japanese Holy Bible CD -

Japanese Stars and Stripes CD -

Both ending this afternoon!

Alive2000 23-10-2014 02:00

I have a ridiculous amount of Manics cds to unload. I've picked out what I want to keep, and will happily sell the rest. If you have any requests, let me know. I've sold most of the Japanese cds. Basically if anyone needs the UK singles up through...... Some Kind of Nothingness? Also a ridiculous amount of the Euro pressings, Aussie pressings, super rare stuff, and just ask about this crap. It's going to take me a long time to type up a list these days.

PM me with questions.

junkymotown 31-10-2014 18:23

Japanese Holy Bible CD finishing tomorrow - only 3.49!

Vig 04-11-2014 14:21

This Is The Day Promo
Rarely available, promo sleeve version of This Is The Day

sculptureofabloke 05-11-2014 08:56

20 is a bit much, not seen one of those go for more than 7 since before National Treasures came out.

Grant 05-11-2014 11:59

Hey guys.
I'm selling a signed You Love Us (heavenly) vinyl today.
I bought it from ebay 10 years ago for 40, but I want to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring, so I've been selling all my Manics things. When I originally bought it, the seller didn't have proof that the 4 signatures were genuine, so I hope the fact Im honest about this would make people trust me a bit more in a way. Anyway, if you're interested, Facebook message me (FB is below). Cheers, Stay Beautiful X

chieftan mews 06-11-2014 21:36

Hi everyone!

I am selling a National Treasures Deluxe Box Set thing. The one with all the singles on individual CDs, posters, vinyls, a DVD, and vanity mirror and lipstick.

Only drawback is that the box is a little damaged. It's torn at the two front corners, meaning the lid sits a bit wonky. It was one of the ones that turned up like that. I broke the seal to check the contents, but everything inside is in perfect condition.

Am going to put it on ebay but thought you guys would like first refusal. Let me know!

Dutchmanic 07-11-2014 13:07

I am selling my vinyl singles on Ebay (7'inches,10'inches and 12' inches) more then 20 titels in total.
Including some 12'inch posterbags

And some 7' inches with fully signed postcards

chieftan mews 16-11-2014 21:15

The ebay listing for my National Treasures box set ends in just under an hour. Currently at 70.

Hunter 09-12-2014 14:14

Apparently it's part of the same jacket with the CDs from what I've read (haven't received mine yet) but if anyone doesn't want their vinyl that's included in THB box set I'd be happy to purchase it (can send it in a blank sleeve), located in the US.

wageslave 10-12-2014 17:30

i'm looking for the foam hand circa masses against the classes i think

wageslave 10-12-2014 17:32

foam 'gnarles stallion; or two outer fingers extended while others prone

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