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kristal17 31-01-2015 02:03


Originally Posted by MickeyMo (Post 2630165)
This month's Mojo has the Manics in their regular 'How To Buy' feature in which readers vote for their top 10 albums by an artist

Does any beautiful person have a scan of this article please?

taxexile 31-01-2015 14:31

Littlesue 31-01-2015 15:24

Thats the same interview as in the Sun earlier in the week.

Midlands_Junk 31-01-2015 16:09

No Manifesto review on Gigwise

Abstract Unknown Girl 31-01-2015 19:52

Wales Online interview with Rachel about Richey:

MSPKYE 05-02-2015 22:51

James on the front of tomorrow's South Wales Echo

gracie 08-02-2015 13:26

JDB has a tiny little bit in the Mirror today, not an interview, just a quote and a headshot :)

It's about libraries.

MSPKYE 10-02-2015 09:15

Takk 10-02-2015 09:45

I'm not sure i wanna know how 'james unleashed his anger'

Porco 10-02-2015 10:07


Originally Posted by Takk (Post 2634279)
I'm not sure i wanna know how 'james unleashed his anger'

It seems it was a strongly-worded statement.

(No hot dogs or amps were mentioned)

Takk 10-02-2015 10:13

Aw, disappointing.

Europa Gluten Free 21-02-2015 07:49

Nice mention of the influence of the Manics in this article:

hummingbird 21-02-2015 11:25


Originally Posted by Europa Gluten Free (Post 2635114)
Nice mention of the influence of the Manics in this article:

Cool story... wonder if he takes his guitar to school sometimes :)

Bambi 21-02-2015 17:18

Front cover of today's Western Mail has (movie voiceover voice: together again...) James with Michael Sheen looking at the history of democracy in Wales, the Chartists etc. It's part of a BBC2 programme starting next week apparently, not sure if it's screening nationally or just BBC2 Wales. See below. Sheen's really hacked off about the state of things at the moment.

hummingbird 21-02-2015 18:36

It says in the article its a bbc2 wales programme twice :) maybe on iplayer after its aired?
I found the destruction of that chartist mural shocking... surely they could have dismantled it and rebuild it somewhere else? Even if its indoors in a museum...

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