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Red 14-08-2020 10:06

New Nicky Wire album?
Greg Haver seems to think it's coming, as he spoke about on the Do You Love Us? podcast -

Has anyone heard anything?

MSPKYE 14-08-2020 10:09

Yep James mentioned it to the NME in July

Niko 14-08-2020 12:44

Obviously a reference to Sean's fridge there

Glyn 15-08-2020 13:05

Genuinely can't wait for it but I'm a bit worried about it being a let down just because of how high my expectations are.

Greg Havers was right about it being a 'marmite' album but I'm very much one of those who was blown away by how good Zeitgeist is (including a lot of the bsides such as Afterbloom, Derek's Jarman's Garden, Daydreamer Eyes etc.). Hopefully this will be just as joyful :)

ron the little seal 15-08-2020 13:52

I loved I killed the zeitgeist and all of nickys output with the manics so I am really excited. Glyn, would you know where you can buy the bsides for zeitgeist album?

LA ex 15-08-2020 17:38


Originally Posted by Niko (Post 2683991)
Obviously a reference to Sean's fridge there

You won the Internet on the day you posted this.

UEF 15-08-2020 18:26


Originally Posted by ron the little seal (Post 2684033)
would you know where you can buy the bsides for zeitgeist album?

The rarest of all Manics material... were there even any produced?

Glyn 15-08-2020 20:03

I think you can still get Casual/Glam and Derek Jarman's Garden but as far as I can see the following are not commercially available anymore :

Ritual No.1
Daydreamer Eyes
Break My Heart Slowly (acoustic)
I Killed the Zeitgeist (demo)
Everything Fades (demo)
There's Always a Reason (demo)
I Killed the Zeitgeist/Roadrunner (BBC Wales session)
Beetlebum/Break My Heart Slowly (BBC Wales Session)

Both James and Nicky has some cracking bsides on their first solo albums. I'd personally say that Afterbloom and Derek Jarman's Garden deserved to be much more than bsides.

Tim 15-08-2020 20:34

Don't forget memory bucket which was included on the japanese version along with afterbloom.

Flint 16-08-2020 09:27

And Ocean Rain, which was a hidden track only on some editions of the album.

ron the little seal 16-08-2020 12:23

damn there is basically an album of nicky/James solo tracks I've not heard, I'll search youtube, if anyone has any copies of the not commercially available anymore tracks, throw them up for download on sound and vision?

Son of Stopped 17-08-2020 12:48

Stuffy parents from Dirty Dancing: Even we're getting into it!

A Phil Space article. Nothing we don't know. Not even a release date!

Routine Builder 17-08-2020 12:54

With regards to timing, I imagine we'll see it before the end of the year or early next year. James has pretty much confirmed that 2021 is dedicated to recording and releasing a new Manics Album.

So 2020 -2021 is looking to be more productive than the previous five years. 1 Studio Album, 2 Solo albums, 2 re-releases (assuming KYE comes out next years) and possibly another soundtrack from James. I think I can stop moaning now.

hummingbird 17-08-2020 13:37

KYE out next year

Lee 17-08-2020 14:52

That’s properly exciting. A re-release of KYE with demos, TV performances, live tracks and b-sides etc could be a beast of a reissue.

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