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MSPKYE 15-11-2019 08:16

13/06/20 Middlesbrough Riverside Stadium (Supporting The Killers)

LA ex 15-11-2019 12:10

Well, I guess I could brave Middlesboro for this.

When I first saw this poster I thought it was the Killers, Manics, Blossoms and Sam Fender on the same bill. Now that would have been quite a line up!

beyondgoodandevil 15-11-2019 12:36

Where's Middlesboro?

Routine Builder 15-11-2019 12:50


Originally Posted by beyondgoodandevil (Post 2680743)
Where's Middlesboro?

In the void beyond the M25....

beyondgoodandevil 15-11-2019 18:25


Originally Posted by Routine Builder (Post 2680744)
In the void beyond the M25....

Oh! You both mean Middlesbrough I think.

I'm not 100% sure but it may have been spelled incorrectly at one stage during this short thread.

socialist cook 20-11-2019 08:47

Where's Middlesbrough? Amongst the Smog!

mishima 20-11-2019 09:30

Got tix for this one. May even stay for Killers!

LA ex 22-11-2019 16:40

Well I was on line when the countdown reached zero, immediately clicked search (both on ticketmaster and seetickets), then waited. Seven minutes later results came up to say it was sold out :-(

This is why it's so much better not following popular bands!

Would I have been better doing the buy the album pre-sale thing. Out of curiosity how many of the tickets were snapped up on Wednesday and how many were left on Friday?

Abstract Unknown Girl 23-11-2019 00:37

No idea what the pre-sale allocation was, but there were actually two separate allocations on Wednesday; one through Ticketmaster for those who pre-ordered the album (although no purchase was necessary and you could just sign up to their mailing list to receive a code) and one through GigsandTours for historic fan club members (I say historic, as the fan club doesn't exist anymore, but they still do pre-sales for anyone who was a member). Plus there was an O2 priority pre-sale on Thursday for some venues. As far as I know the pre-sales on Wednesday pretty much sold out, not sure about the O2 one though as I didn't use it.

We got what we wanted on Wednesday, but I did keep an eye on things this morning and they all sold pretty fast. Extra dates in London and Dublin were added, but obviously that doesn't help anyone wanting to see the Manics. Of course there are loads on the secondary sites for stupid money and don't even get me started on Ticketmaster's 'platinum' tickets, which change value depending on demand :rolleyes:

I would say keep an eye on Twickets though, especially nearer the time if nothing turns up before then. GigsandTours now officially let you re-sell their tickets through Twickets, so some are bound to pop up on there.

mishima 14-04-2020 07:47

It would appear that Ticketmaster have quietly changed their T&C's and will only refund tickets if a gig is cancelled rather that if it is postponed/rescheduled:evil:

Not sure what the legal position is in the UK if tickets were purchased under the old T&C's, which mine were for this gig. Even if the gig is rescheduled, would the Manics be playing??

Lee 14-04-2020 12:15

I think they’re trying it on in the hope that people take it on the chin. Their T&Cs do not supersede those of the regulatory authorities.

I would be pointing them towards the Consumer Goods Act as you’re entitled to a refund if you can’t make (or don’t want to go to) the rescheduled gig.

MSPKYE 24-04-2020 06:27


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