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Nobody 18-06-2015 12:28


Originally Posted by MSPKYE (Post 2646463)
I'm sure I read they did write one 'Ruins Of Spring' but it was dumped

They did. the work in progress edit of No Manifesto featured a clip of James playing it. Shame it wasn't in the final edit.

Son of Stopped 18-06-2015 16:17

How fucking mental would it be if the manics went more showbiz and ended everyone of their gigs from next year with the last chorus of every song they've played in the set?
Just played the once. And one after each other, with no regards to specialised tunings etc?

Nobody 19-06-2015 21:28

Was just going through some of my old stuff that's been in my parents attic for many many years. Found a roll of posters two full size ads for the SWSS/FTS singles that I used to have on my bedroom wall. On the other side of one of them was this gem:

Littlesue 20-06-2015 05:48

Hahaha love it!

gracie 20-06-2015 13:31

Watching a Vice documentary called 'Teenage Heroin Epidemic'. A wonderful racist in Swansea quoted ifwhiteamerica (no black in the union jack etc). Don't think it was meant in the context, son.

Son of Stopped 20-06-2015 15:37

PFAYM would have been better if the choir from SKON somehow got trapped in the record and in-between the songs on "Side 2" you can hear them moving about and opening doors that turn out to be locked etc.

Finn 20-06-2015 16:18

solitude 22-06-2015 11:28

Now that the THB20 tour is over, I am curious to know, how many times did Nicky get tangled in the camo netting?

I saw just one (1) gig and saw him get ensnared one (1) time.

Geranium Terrorists 26-06-2015 19:26

Is 'Dying Breeds' a rare example of a Manics 'love' song? Especially the second verse, and the line 'while our children wait'.

Strawberry 28-06-2015 16:33

When I was watching the news for a couple of minutes on BBC 1 on the 17th of June, there was some sort of finance man that looked a bit like James Dean Bradfield. Or a hybrid of James Dean Bradfield and Mark Benton.

Borderliner 01-07-2015 13:27

James's voice is so amazing in Ain't Going Down and guitar solo is absolutely brilliant. This track is gonna be on repeat for days.

Geranium Terrorists 03-07-2015 20:07

Nicky's got a bit lazy with PCP's chorus- he plays the bass part after 'When I was young' as just constant Cs like the rest of the chorus, instead of the original, which nicked the riff from the string bit of From Despair To Where.

Strawberry 04-07-2015 15:59

I'm watching Come Dine with Me and, a couple of minutes ago, one of the contestants had his uncle come to visit. Also, his uncle looked like James Dean Bradfield.

sculptureofabloke 09-07-2015 14:12

Haven't had Futurology on for a while, sounds better now than it did a year ago. Still hoping to see Next Jet To Leave Moscow, Black Square and Misguided Missile one day. Can't believe it's over a year old now. Well, some of the songs are probably two or three years old now anyway.. On my second play of the day, think it'll go on again after this, sounds better now than it did last year to me.

solitude 09-07-2015 15:41

I met another Manics fan for the first time in my life on Monday. We were both in a day-long queue for another band I won't mention here. He was a rock veteran type who looked to be in his 50s or so and was visiting from the UK to follow this other band's tour. I cornered him and made him tell me about all the Manics gigs he'd been to, including Manic Millennium.

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