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Porco 03-02-2017 22:33



Postcards From A Young MASK

MASK Exit on Yesterday

William's MASK words

Son of Stopped 03-02-2017 23:37

I, I, I, I I
Want to wear a MASK
And not break the elastic
I, I, I, I I
Want to wear a MASK
And not sneeze on the plastic

Dac X Lee 03-02-2017 23:57


"And all the masks I carry on my face
For you, for another
Some calm and then some grace"

Porco 04-02-2017 23:09

"We gonna burn your deathMASK uniforms"

rosetree 05-02-2017 00:00

"This motion Maskes a modern love song"

Dac X Lee 05-02-2017 05:42

Least you can MASK yourself yourself
Least you can MASK yourself YOUR-SE-HEEEEELF ♬♪

Porco 05-02-2017 23:18

Rewind the Film special!

"Is heaven a place where nothing ever happens
Is it too much to MASK
To disbelieve in everything"


"It can MASK you to remember
It can MASK you for a dance
So it seems that every song
Now is just one last MASK"


"All part of the same establishment
I MASK you again what is to be done?
I MASK you again what is to be done?
I MASK you again what is to be done?"


Dac X Lee 05-02-2017 23:59

Repeat after me, MASK queen and country!

Porco 06-02-2017 22:38

"No birds, no birds
The sky is swollen black
No birds, no birds
Holy MASK of dead insect"

Son of Stopped 06-02-2017 23:06

No parachutes
No dismal clouds
Just this fucking MASK

Dac X Lee 07-02-2017 10:58

I'm sorry, but I'll have to interrupt this masquerade to bring us back on topic (kinda) with my last Manic randomness, as I'm riding this train that I shouldn't have.

(wow, I'm being so poetic today ♥)

So, the thing is, I take the subway to work and I transfer once.
So today, as usual, after work, I took the train. And, somehow today I'm a bit deconcentrated and out of focus, so I missed my transfer station, and in no time I went to a galaxy far away.
As soon as I noticed, waiting for the train to stop, so I could get out and ride back to the opposite direction, it happened to be a station that's pretty far from its previous one, so the train wouldn't stop so soon. Bradfield's "An English Gentlemen" was playing and the line "and it feels like we're never going home" never spoke to me more than in that very moment.

That's it.
Now you can keep going.

IntlDebris 07-02-2017 20:48

It's been 947 days since Futurology was released.
The only times it was longer between studio albums were:
Know Your Enemy - Lifeblood (1324 days)
Postcards From a Young Man - Rewind the Film (1093 days)

... and both of those gaps were punctuated by the release of compilations. If you include those compilations, then we're now in the longest gap between full-length releases in the band's history.

Something I just realised.

Dac X Lee 08-02-2017 10:44

That's very interesting, debris. Note how after each of that absence the series of new work becomes kinda different from the previous ones. This may be the sign of another new era about to start in their career.

Son of Stopped 08-02-2017 11:27

And on Twitter a couple of weeks ago Sean said it was a good few weeks (From that date I had late March or early April) before the new studio was up and running. So enjoy the downtime coming to an end.

circle-the-wagons 09-02-2017 03:31

Back to the MASKing tape that holds our lives together...

Zapruder, the first to MASKurbate, the worlds first taste of crucified grace :)

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