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Originally Posted by Mr Richey View Post
You've probably all read my rants of late concerning the Manics leaving out songs from Journal For Plague Lovers on the latest tour. I was thinking about it some more earlier and I suddenly remembered the whole debacle where James and Nicky had a falling out over whether or not to release JFPL. Nicky (for reasons I don't fully understand) got cold feet about the album and begged James to just dump it, bury it in his garden (in the same place he buried the corpse of Derek Jarman) but James was having none of it. And according to James they fell out over it for a while. Now they're touring again and playing songs from every album except for JFPL and part of me has begun to wonder if this isn't Nicky's doing based on his original hesitations over releasing the album.

11 gigs so far this year and in that time they've played "Me and Stephen Hawking" twice and "Marlon J.D." once. I don't understand it, I really do not.
the original plan was to just release the album and not tour it at all. Think they were worried that if they treated it like a normal release then people would accuse them of cashing in on Richey's memory. The album was so well received it must've changed their minds. A special album deserves special gigs so we got the whole lot. Now i think they still want to keep it that way but because we're wanting to hear the songs again they're chucking them in every so often.

Just play em Manics. They're too good to put away
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