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Okay since my last post here. they said they would get back to me a few days later. Didn't after a few weeks I asked for an update. They told me the issue had been past on to their management and I would hear something shortly. I didn't. I send two or three more e-mails since then asking for an update just to be be told they are still deciding. Today however I recieved this e-mail:

This is an update email regarding your replacement order from Manic Street Preachers Store. We have received information from our warehouse team that we no longer have stocks for Generation Terrorists, therefore we will be unable to send you a replacement.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding.
Not really helpful and I can't tell if this means the matter is closed or not. It was a two year old boxset at the time, which sold out in only a few days, very limited stock, so i wasn't really expecting a replacement.
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