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Originally Posted by handbag View Post
I'll raise you to obvious she's not particularly fond of band members. I think it was around the time she was asking for information about Picturesque and seemed pissed off because they'd used her brother's lyrics and she didn't know. I sensed "quietly seething".

I might be having false memory syndrome here, but somewhere in the archives (old interviews) didn't Rachel say she thought they treated Richey shabbily when he wasn't well? I know his illness took it's toll on the band and I can understand that from both sides - Richey trying to be a part of the band when his mind was elsewhere and the band being relatively young and not knowing how to deal with mental illness.

I do think that Richey was kind of getting his shit together towards the end which has always made me think that maybe he just did decide to sod off because pretending to play a guitar night after night isn't something I'd imagine (only imagine) Richey would want to do when he had other interests. Speculation really gets us nowhere though.

It's an endless nightmare for his sister and her church, resentment, the urge to keep looking for clues is the thing that's keeping her together?


It's cute to see some of Richey's things. I can't afford to spend £20 on a book, but I'll camp out at Waterstones and read it with an open mind (filtering out the hairdresser lady and other suspect information). When someone's not around any more it's good to see new old photos etc. Same kind of thing with Cobain...

To end my wall of text, it's quite easy to interpret things into Richey's actions, choice of books he gave as gifts, tattoos, as others have said. I thought of one myself concerning the Circle of Hell tattoo, a really detailed theory, but that's all it is. And, yeah, it's bullshit really.
Did they use his lyrics for Picturesque? I didnít know that! He isnít credited. Is it the ďone bread, one milkĒ line?

Yeah, Iím sure she has her reasons for disliking them and sheís absolutely entitled to her feelings. Sheís privy to a world not many, if any, fans have access to so itís not for any of us to judge, really. As for how the band handled his illness, it does seem that they were unable to be of much help to him when he came out of hospital (I believe theyíve said as much themselves), but, letís be honest, he really shouldnít have been on tour so soon after leaving hospital anyway. People with very little experience dealing with mental illness shouldnít be faulted for not knowing how to cope with it. Assuming thatís the reason for the animosity.

Do you think he had it together before he split? In the interview with the Japanese reporter, he did seem to be a lot more focused, but he was also wearing pajamas.

Iíll likely buy the book for the sole reason that his sister had a lot of input and Iím interested to read her perspective. Beyond that though, I think most of these ďtheoriesĒ are reaching at best. Iím also interested to see what consists of his ďarchiveĒ. Is it just books and note books? Oh and Iím curious as to when this Jo woman became his girlfriend. Even in his last interview he still maintained that the longest relationship he ever had lasted 4 days when he was younger. He does mention a woman (obviously this Jo person), but he didnít speak of her in terms of a being in a relationship. Of course, itís entirely possible he was lying to protect his privacy. I hope he did have some kind of relationship because I always found his inability to find companionship really sad.
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