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Originally Posted by raven View Post
Wasn't the David Cross sighting by a newsagents? It's hard to get any real feel for the credibility of these sightings, his was more mundane and so maybe more likely to be true but he also happened to be penpals with Lori Fidler a huge fan - coincidence hmmmn but then again that is exactly why he may have noticed him....very true but (but) I'm pretty sure the pictures of him with a shaved head weren't released till after his disappearance was made public. Would he have been recognisable if not someone you'd met before or followed? Plus I don't think he mentioned it to Lori Fidler until after he was reported missing? Could be wrong but I'm sure I must be right on that cos had he done so then even though he hadn't known at the time it would just over a week later have been picked up as a confirmed sighting? But that was before instant messages and social media etc so maybe that accounts for it. Hard to believe that there was a time when people didn't cctv every minute of their lives and post every mundane detail up for their followers to worship but I digress...
The one year passport was around till early 1996 but you could just walk in to a PO with a birth certificate and for 12 it was yours, no photo no wait (see why they got ditched can't you?!) You could only travel to certain European countries on it apparently and for no more than 3 months. I've no idea if this is something looked at in the book but you'd guess so

I feel he was driving around and sleeping in his car cos he wasn't sure which is a thought that must be very hard for his family to want to think on
Right, it was a newsagents. And that's a very valid point about the hair, because (IMO, at least) Richey looked very different once it had all been shaved off. I don't think I would have recognised him, even being familiar with him.

As for the one-year passports, that's mad! I didn't know such things existed and it's just crazy in a post 9/11 world that that was ever possible. And so cheap, as well. Richey could easily have got his hands on one of those, tbh.
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