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I'd read somewhere that they had to go back and overdub the "fuck off" bit to get it released as a single. I can't remember where I read it but I'll have a look around.

Edit: interview with Steve Brown: "James said, “Yeah, ok, I’ll send you another song” and they sent me Stay Beautiful! Then the next time we met, we recorded it at the Manor and James’ vocals right in the middle of the chorus are, “Why don’t you just…” with the guitar riff in there. But originally, it was “fuck off.” They sung that when they played it live, but when we came to mix it, the record company were just about to turn up, so I took the “fuck off” out, and so we had the complete production without the “fuck off” right in the middle of the chorus (laughing). I’d already sort of engineered the guitar line to get more accent there".

Kinda hints at it there, anyone's guess whether or not it's true.

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