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Originally Posted by Dancing Kirby View Post
But surely the completist in you would have to own all four formats anyway?

Could be worse. Imagine being a Led Zeppelin completist.

On a related note, is never going to get around to putting a price on the GT vinyl. It's been on Amazon's other sites for weeks now. Looks like HMV and Rough Trade are the only places where it's available to order in the UK.
Those Led Zeppelin editions are very confusing. All I wanted was the Bluray but then I found the Bluray/CD edition for 1 more (that's the Bluray/CD in the CD case, not the Bluray/CD in the Bluray Case or the CD/Bluray/DVD in the DVD case - not to be confused with the CD/Bluray/DVD in the CD case or the CD/Bluray/DVD in the Bluray case). And the prices are all over the shop.

The GT vinyl is also available at Townsend Records btw
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