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This is a great thread, have enjoyed reading other people's memories.

I truly love this record and i'm massively looking forward to the Edinburgh gig next year as it means a lot to me.

In '98 I had just turned 15 and only really starting to get into music. The Manics were my new big thing, having bought EMG the year before (I'd seen them on Buzzcocks and thought they looked cool). I listened to Truth religiously for the next 2-3 years and it helped me get through a few tough times at college.

This was the album that i fell in love with the band to, and it still sits in my top 3 albums, probably purely on this sentiment. After this, i struggled with KYE as i yearned for Truth part II (I eventually saw the error of my ways and now love KYE because it's NOT Truth part II) and went to my first gig on the greatest hits tour in '02.

Love this album. Love this band.
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