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I remember it as a happy time (for a change!).

Genuinely loved the album, but best of all I met someone who was to become one of my closest friends at the Bridlington gig. It was a cracking gig, and have some great memories:

> Sitting on a wall by the beach, 15 yards away from JDB and his roadie eating ice creams. We were tow shy to say hello (nothing has changed!). While we were sitting there being shy, a local resident came up to us and asked us why there were 'so many young people' in town.

> There was a shop which in its window had an advertisement for 'knickers that tie at the knee'.

> Some of the pubs had signs up declaring 'Manics fans welcome'

>Opposite the venue was a retirement home (one of many in the town I think), and when we were all queueing up to get in, the residents were all on the balcony staring at the queue. Obviously not used to seeing 'so many young people' in town, particularly not boys in frocks and make-up (sigh).

> At the gig my then new friend received an accidental cigarette burn from a bloke in a one horned viking helmet. It has become known as the Bridlington Burn, and a bit like Harry Potter's scar in the presence of Voldermort, it throbs in the vicinity of the Manics

>When we came out of the gig, there were a group of mounted police. I think they expected all of the 'young people' to riot or something, but everyone just wanted to pat the horses Danni Minogue was playing the venue the following week, but I don't think she would have caused so much of a stir.

Those were the days when gig itself was just part of a wider fandom 'event'. It is something my friend and I (who have done gigs on every tour since) miss.
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