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Good thread. Really enjoyed reading everyone's posts in here so thought I would contribute my own memories from this period.

I personally got into the band in 1996, aged 15, when my father bought A Design For Life and rinsed it constantly. I subsequently bought Everything Must Go (album) for him for his birthday and ended up nicking it for myself and playing it to death in my bedroom.

Not long after this came the Nynex concert on Radio 1 which I taped and listened to relentlessly. This was my introduction to much of the earlier stuff ie Yes, Stay Beautiful, Motown Junk, Motorcycle Emptiness etc. After this I went out and bought the three previous albums and my obsession was complete.

When Truth came out I played Tolerate to death and bought the embossed cd the day it came out and bought tickets to see the band at Wembley Arena. My first Manics gig aged 18 in 1998 with Catatonia supporting. Absolute stormer of a gig which I still have fond memories of to this day even after seeing them thirty plus times now. This was pre-camera phone / internet everywhere era so it was an incredible surprise many years later when I was working in a second hand record shop someone brought in a hand held video recording of this gig. I had an enjoyable evening watching that gig again on grainy VHS.

Other than that night at Wembley, my main memories of the Truth era were of reading every single interview in every single music magazine, watching every tv performance and generally becoming completely obsessed with the band. Good times.
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