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Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
It's come from the book, but I think people are reading into it a little too much. Seeing as names are being mentioned (mods, I'll leave it up to your discretion if you want to keep this up or not. I have no idea what is or isn't acceptable here anymore), I was told that Rob Stringer is portrayed as someone whose paramount concern is money and also, as an aside, he took great exception to Richey dressing like a holocaust victim (I don't blame him one bit and I'm not Jewish). That's all I was told. I highly doubt a book with even a slight suggestion of antisemitism would get published by a subsidiary of a large publishing house.
So it sounds like there may have been some derogatory noises about possibly Rob Stringer the possibly evil capitalist satan or something but others have making links to Jews? Others not being SHR at least not on any direct evidence offered so far but maybe with the intention of harming her which is pretty low

Also, turns out Rob Stringer isn't Jewish so just gets more bizarre but that's Chinese Whispers I guess. What's pretty ironic is that the 'source' might have been the fact that he received an award from the UJA Federation at which tongue in cheek jokes were made by a few people including the man himself and his daughters about the fact he wasn't one of the tribe, Someone saw UJA and put 2 and 2 together and made 5 (What? In-depth research there? No, just a quick Google, ha)

Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
I was told that in the book, it states that it was Jo who gave him the novel in the first place and there is no mention of it among the contents of the box. Why would he give her a book she recommended to him with instructions to read the forward? It sounds like it may have been this Vivian person, but since Emma Forrest seems to get cold feet these days talking about anything Richey related, I guess we'll never know if the story is true or heavily exaggerated. I mean, if Wire mentioned this Vivian person was with Richey that evening, there must be something to it. Still, you have to wonder why this info wasn't further investigated at the time.
In the Wales Online piece SHR says that Novel With Cocaine was left in the box for Jo as has been said before but whether it was of significance or just a parting gift is open to interpretation or at least not clear. So it doesn't sound like he did leave instructions.....I personally can't see any reason to give any credence to the Vivian story. If Nicky is supposed to be the source how was he supposed to know if he wasn't there? And it just seems ridiculous and with its implication that the band are keeping secrets spiteful. Why has it taken all these years before his sister we assume or SHR tried to trace her and when she did try aside from some remembered very brief mention by Nicky allegedly years ago there's no other evidence of her existence. It's tantalising.....but it's insubstantial

Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
If he did just start anew, I can see someone who cared about him thinking they could improve his quality of life by helping him do this. Or maybe one of his many sycophantic followers who would have done anything for him. There's a number of reasons why they probably haven't come forward as well - fear of backlash or maybe they just genuinely believe that it was his choice and they still don't think any wrong was done despite his family's grief. It's shitty to say, but I can see some people being like this.
I think the idea of a second person is too much of a stretch but sure what you don't know you can't rule out but personally I can't see that as being a possibility

Originally Posted by Velocitygirl View Post
Wasn't the one-year passport theory also put forward by Simon Price in "Everything"? I distinctly recall him writing about it somewhere. So, I hope SHR isn't passing this theory off as something new. Anyway, I seem to remember they could even be picked up at Post Offices, which is where David Cross claims to have seen Richey. If that was him, there could be a multitude of reasons for him being at a post office. But it's worth bearing in mind.

I've never had a solid stance on what became of Richey. I just don't know. I can't even say what theory I favour more. Again, I just don't know. But, since this discussion began, I've found myself wondering more and more about the two weeks he seemed to have spent just driving around and living in his car. You could say he was just revisiting old haunts he loved. But two weeks for that? In a country the size of Wales? It'd take a day or two, at most. As someone said earlier, it seems like he was waiting for something. A one-year passport could well have been it.
Wasn't the David Cross sighting by a newsagents? It's hard to get any real feel for the credibility of these sightings, his was more mundane and so maybe more likely to be true but he also happened to be penpals with Lori Fidler a huge fan - coincidence hmmmn but then again that is exactly why he may have noticed him....very true but (but) I'm pretty sure the pictures of him with a shaved head weren't released till after his disappearance was made public. Would he have been recognisable if not someone you'd met before or followed? Plus I don't think he mentioned it to Lori Fidler until after he was reported missing? Could be wrong but I'm sure I must be right on that cos had he done so then even though he hadn't known at the time it would just over a week later have been picked up as a confirmed sighting? But that was before instant messages and social media etc so maybe that accounts for it. Hard to believe that there was a time when people didn't cctv every minute of their lives and post every mundane detail up for their followers to worship but I digress...
The one year passport was around till early 1996 but you could just walk in to a PO with a birth certificate and for 12 it was yours, no photo no wait (see why they got ditched can't you?!) You could only travel to certain European countries on it apparently and for no more than 3 months. I've no idea if this is something looked at in the book but you'd guess so

I feel he was driving around and sleeping in his car cos he wasn't sure which is a thought that must be very hard for his family to want to think on
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