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Originally Posted by blackflower View Post
Out of interest, with your inside knowledge, when do you think live music will be feasible again? Iíve read articles suggesting not until autumn 2021, do you think thatís reasonable?
Sorry for the slow response. Busy trying to keep my venues going...

I would say autumn 21 is (hopefully) pessimistic. I think outdoor will be back first, then seated, then standing, but who knows. You may have seen a five point plan for a return to live music / theatre published by DCMS recently. It is basically a plan for how to safely rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic. Useless without dates.

We have full diaries for gigs in Spring 21 but hat means nothing. We had full diaries in Spring 20...

Look out for a campaign on social media tomorrow ]#letthemusicplay it's the biggest campaign to date lobbying the government for action. Tweet about the last gig you went to. If that's your thing ;-)
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