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It was a strange era for me. I loved Tolerate and was so happy it got to number one, but was very unimpressed with the album on first listen. I couldn't believe how slow and ponderous and just dull it sounded. It didn't help that Mansun had released Six the week before which was a truly, astonishingly inspired album, which TIMTTMY definitely isn't - though I did grow to love it over the next few weeks and it's probably in my top 5 Manics albums now.

My life was in a very strange place in 1998 and it's not a year I remember happily. I was very depressed and very nearly gave up on my dream life living in London to move back to Australia. I went to the two Wembley gigs and they were amazing, and a few days later did fly back to Australia - but only for Christmas, and I came back to London in 1999, which was a much better year for me. And then the Manics seemed to have regained their fire to with Masses Against the Classes, and the Millennium gig was one of the best nights of my life.

So overall, very mixed memories, but I'd love to go back in time to relive the Manic Millennium. Haven't watched the DVD in ages, I feel a rewatch is in order soon!
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