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Originally Posted by Glass Angel View Post
Is anyone who got a copy for curiosityís sake planning to sell their copy on? I donít like criticising without firsthand knowledge, but I donít want my money lining SHRís pockets if itís as bad as weíre told.
Just get a digital copy! They're much cheaper.

I don't know yet if this book is a must in the Manics canon of poorly written/researched bios, but if you dig Richey, it's an interesting if not difficult read. I'm approaching this book with full on belief about the stories of him as a child/teen, but anticipating a great deal of scrutiny about his years with the Manics. As far as I'm concerned, if they weren't on tour with them or in the studio with them, they aren't likely to know what the group dynamic really was. Also, in the absence of any input by the other Manics, how do they know what those guys were thinking too? A few letters from a slighted teenage groupie and an unnamed roadie, hardly make for the best narrators of what was going on behind the scenes in their inner circle.
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