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Happy ending really -

The Missing programme went out in November 98, a handful of people I worked with saw it (by that time I was only about 20 miles away from my "previous world") and rang the missing persons line. A couple of hours after the programme I got a call from the police who asked me if I was who they were looking for, and that I was officially missing and had been since two days after I buggered off. They said that they just wanted to pass on to my family that I was ok. I didn't have to get in touch or anything, but that they wanted to know I was alive, that was all, no pressure. I said that was ok and hung up. I then picked the phone back up and rang my mum.
Oceans of tears followed. We're close and if anything more open than before but all my family get a bit twitchy if they don't hear from me regularly. The first couple of years after re-connecting with them I felt quite pressurised by being checked up a lot, but I can't blame them for that.
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