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I can see the debate from both sides. On the one hand, with each tour they do change the setlist quite a lot. On the otherhand, whilst on tour they do keep pretty much the same set with only one or two alterations throughout - on the last two pretty much twenty two of the twenty three songs were the same throughout and one changes every few gigs.

I've banged on about it gain so sorry for repeating myself, but how Suede handled their last tour is what I'd love to see the Manics do. Over a twelve night tour every night included the same eight big hits, the same eight tracks off their new album, but then the remaining eight songs were completely changed every night. The casual fans there for the hits were kept happy, the fans who don't want to see them rest on old material were kept happy, and the hardcore fans who went to every night of the tour were kept happy with new additions (ranging from some pretty big singles to rare b sides) every night.
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