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Originally Posted by someone, somewhere, soon View Post
that version of What's My Name: notes in the back of the book say it was recorded in Cambridge, USA in 1993?

James definitely namechecks Norwich mid-song - so I'm assuming it's from the same Norwich UAE gig (21/10/92) as the Slash 'n' Burn on the La Tristesse b-side? And they've put that version on the re-release accidentally, rather than the version recorded in the UK Cambridge on 20/10/92, that was also on the La Tristesse single?
Just realised this myself and came straight here to check if anyone else had noticed (haven't been keeping up here for a while).

I feel like your comment didn't get the attention it deserved - despite being almost identical it's a big deal to me that there's now a second officially released live version of the song! (Maybe there's a whole separate thread on this and I missed it, apologies to everyone in that case!)

Stuff like this frustrates me so much - as with the live version of Yourself - reminding me they have all these great live recordings and aren't sharing.
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