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Originally Posted by starstruck View Post
personally, tomorrow marks 3 business days, and as their is no sign of it landing today i am pretty much resigned to missing out - if they are to issue a replacement and post it the same comical way i do not see the point. i guess refund and order the 2CD, 1DVD set from a proper company.

i post this, however, for those of you who want to go for the super deluxe 3CD, 1 DVD set. if they can offer a replacement on a sold out, limited edition set then obviously they are pressing or re-pressing if you will. please don't go paying stupid e-bay prices; just check in on that site and see when they become available to buy again.
Truly sorry to read this. Sure you don't want to try for a replacement? Statistically speaking, it shouldn't get lost again!

And there is still a chance that the original order will show up, very late...!
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