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Originally Posted by Finn View Post
That was very much my sense of the author's intentions.
Why the long wait? why 2 separate passports? Was he trying to say something but couldn't so he left things to the band and family? Maybe he wanted them to know he was still alive and not to lose hope? He just needed time for himself? or was he nice because he knew he was going to commit suicide and thought others would get despondent if everyone to discuss who sounds like a person that is ready. Maybe grasping at straws...


1of3 people have admitted to suicidal idealization and more often than not because they have already designed to leave and attempted to attempt before and that the meds gave clarity and perhaps the strength to make up one's mind?? I personally don't think prozac med is the best along with treatment when in fact that is not entirely true as there are so many new meds available and coupled with good therapy should decrease depression
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