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Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post

Possibly! lol! I don't really see what the big deal is though. Antisemitism is absolutely on the rise again so understandably a lot of people are hyper sensitive to anything that might have antisemitic undertones.
Completely disagree, especially as far as the UK is concerned.

Racism gets talked about in the news because of the 'keyboard warriors' who jump on any context they can and, because society is so sensitive to proving it isn't racist, it's like we're all being required to walk a tightrope of prejudice, with idiots and idealists making up the judge and jury.

Most people I know have hardly met any Jewish people. I've never heard a single bigot whinge about Jews in the pub or in the football stands; they have other go-to sources for their prejudice.

There is one notable Jewish community - Tottenham - in the whole country, where there has been tensions. But one community does not characterise the country's feelings.

Outside of Tottenham it's a complete non-story.

(Or rather I should say outside of Tottenham and the Labour Party it is a non-story. But I don't think that extremists who love Communist Russia and tie themselves to the conspiracy theory that Jews secretly run the world really represent the country either. It's just a quirk that one of them happens to have become a party leader - completely by accident.)

Damn! I am now wading in on the debate. Never said a word about this my entire life.
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