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Originally Posted by Finn View Post
In reference to the book, it says that Rob Stringer had words with Richey during their last stint in the studio. It talks about concerns about the bands next step and financial losses. It adds that part of the problem/discussion might have been Richey's shaved head and striped PJ's look- 'the elephant in the room' that seemed to suggest 'a concentration camp vibe' (the books descriptions, not mine.) It specifically states that this might of offended Stringer because of Jewish family members. It's that mix of comments about money, control, holocaust imagery and Jewish family members that some readers have found dogwhistley. Others haven't.
Thank you for setting the record straight regarding what the book actually said. I can see now why some people were questioning it. Also "concentration camp vibe"? That's a bit of a loosey goosey description.

Originally Posted by vaiden View Post
Why the long wait? why 2 separate passports?
We don't know that he had two passports. That's just a theory being thrown out there which is supported by pretty much nothing. He could have intended to renew his passport, but didn't have time before leaving for the States. The driving around bit is suspect, but it may have been him contemplating things. I do sort of believe the story about him being seen at that newsagent (was it at a train station or bus stop?) in Newport by one of Lori Fiddler's friends. I think that's possibly the most credible sighting of him in that two week period. Then again, if he was on the lam, why was he having brief conversations with people who recognized him?

Originally Posted by River Boy View Post
Completely disagree, especially as far as the UK is concerned.
Well, that's your opinion and while I respect it, I don't share it. I'm not British, but I do subscribe to a few British news agencies online and the comments sections are usually pretty rife with antisemitic jargon that goes well beyond merely criticizing Israel. Yesterday, the Times posted a piece on how the Holocaust is being lost to history and among the same old tired comments about Zionists, one Londoner's comment struck me the most. He wrote something to the effect of, "They bring on antisemitism themselves by supporting Israel". Um, ok! Others were more concerned with playing the atrocity Olympics with their "whataboutisms" then acknowledging the holocaust at all. The same is true here as well and from what I can tell, in the US and the rest of Europe. While antisemitism may not be prevalent in Britain or where I'm from, it is becoming noticeably more pervasive and not just through rhetoric. Hate crimes against Jews are on a steady rise as well. Just because you aren't affected by something personally or in your community doesn't mean it isn't happening. That's a little like a white person telling a person of colour that because you aren't impacted by racism, it doesn't exist.

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I haven't read the book yet, but Richey wore the striped pyjamas for Holocaust remembrance day on 25th January, before he went missing, which is mentioned in an article from October '95. He's obviously also empathising the Holocaust in THB.
He wore it far longer than just that day. His last interview with the Japanese press was on Jan 23rd I believe (he picked up the reporter at the train station wearing the PJs under his coat) and there are stories of him dressed like that showing up in London and now it seems he was dressing that way during the recording sessions too. He more than likely was dressing like that to sympathize with the victims, but I think he also probably saw himself as a victim on their level as well which is perhaps why Stringer maybe had words with him, if that story is actually true. The man was clearly mentally ill and going through a shit time though so you can't really judge him too harshly, as far as I'm concerned.
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