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Originally Posted by Dancing Kirby View Post
Yeah, Iím having a much harder time being a Michael Jackson fan at the moment.
Difficult that nothing there was ever proven, however dubious. As a long time fan of the Glitter Band (those drums though!) I had many, many years of trying to deal with GG. I never have, and feel grubby listening on my ipod (because I'd probably get a Molotov cocktail through my window if I played it on my turntable).

Originally Posted by Suicide Aldi View Post
I had an email off amazon this morning saying it wpuldnt be deliveted until some time between 28th March and 15th April. So is this out now then or what?
I know some people in the UK received their copy yesterday, so that's strange.

Bryter Layter didn't show on the multi quote, so I'll do it like this:

It was Leon Noakes who made the comment about addresses

Blimey, I thought this fellow was some kind of bot. First thing I've heard about him talking about the book!

I do hope it reaches the right people though because I think Rachel Edwards maybe using the book as an opportunity to provoke sympathy or jog some memories among anyone who may know something about his disappearance.

Seems like a far stretch, but it's not beyond the impossible. I agree. I know Rachel has other things going on in her life, but the work she's put into her brother's disappearance hasn't given her reward (definitely not a sodding toll ticket). Maybe, maybe. I really hope so.
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