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Book writing style

"Richey spent 1993 trying to find some serenity. We asked Richey's old friend from school what he thought serenity was"

"Serenity is a cat named serenity"

Rachel wrote to tell me that serenity was actually a dog who once bit James Dean Bradfield.

"That dog was a good dog" says Rachel.

Dogs have been used in Wales since the early 19th century to bite evil, talentless, moobed people.

One of Richey's old friends from 1985 had 14 dogs. If you multiple 1985x14 you get the lyrics to Enola/Alone in binary.

Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
True, but Aunt Mimi raised him so other than a brief period of living with his mum, he grew up in a lower middle class home. Nothing wrong with either men portraying themselves as growing up working class, I just think it’s interesting.

Why do you say you’re taking the relationships with a grain of salt? Do you think they’re stretching the truth a bit?

Can you do that with e-books?


“The Streisand Effect”? Lol! That was always going to happen.

Haha! Right? It’s getting really weird now.

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