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Interesting thread thanks for starting!

The Truth era was when I first got into the Manics so it is a time I remember very fondly. Their gig at Manchester Arena was my first proper gig as well (that I am not ashamed to admit to!) and I remember there being loads of giant video screens behind them. There were 3 plus two others either side of the stage which looked impressive. They opened with EMG and it was a great gig which really opened my eyes to guitar music.

I loved the artwork, and the aesthetic around the whole album/look/theme. I guess I realised I was a fan of melancholia and it really worked with the album being released in the autumn that year. What I did find strange was the moment I started listening to their older output. I really found the Holy Bible un-listenable at first. I rented it out on cassette from the local library and just couldn't get into it. I felt like I had to go back to Truth/EMG just to get some relief haha. Obviously, over time that changed and I came to love THB as well.

I remember there was an advert on TV (can't remember what it was advertising - maybe a credit card?) with these people driving along in an open top car saying that they wanted to do all these life affirming things... "I want to the see the Manics live" being one of them.

I remember buying the NME and Q for the first time when I saw the Manics were on the front cover.

I was very drawn to James as a musician and front man. He looked so cool and had a great voice with a white guitar.

The Tolerate video was everywhere on MTV/VH1. It was a very weird video but really watchable & interesting. I seriously think that the video had a lot to do with their continued success as the music video as a format was hugely popular with more and more people owning satellite/cable TV around that time.

I owned the embossed version of the album as well and I later also bought a special edition which had a 2nd disc with some live tracks on it - Kevin Carter, The Everlasting and another (maybe Motown Junk?).

I was at Manic Millennium - great gig. My one abiding memory of it was Nicky Wire walking right past me and my friend in Cardiff city centre during the day of the gig. I remember him causing quite a stir as more and more people recognised him. Great days!

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