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Originally Posted by Abstract Unknown Girl View Post
Nothing announced about The Killers yet (or Green Day as far as Iím aware), but I think itís only a matter of time. Bristol council apparently have already said all public events scheduled in the city up until July are cancelled and TK are supposed to play there in June. Their UK tour is due to start at the end of next month, but clearly it wonít. If they donít flat out cancel the gigs, I canít see them being until the same time next year due to the football clubs wanting their pitches back, so it could be that they are still trying to re-arrange dates.
I don't understand why TK are holding out on announcing the cancellation? Insurance perhaps? Keeping the ticket money in the bank as long as possible for interest? Whatever the reason it's bloomin' annoying. I bought the tickets for a friends 'significant' birthday, soI would like the money back soon to buy her something else (haven't got a clue what).
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