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Originally Posted by raven View Post
Internally he calls it Return of the Manic
“Top of the world!”

#44 (Furty-fur) Everything Must Go album track ‘Further Away’ initially caused controversy and complaints from animal cruelty protestors, who correctly argued it was the 1990s, and no band should be using real fur in any song. The band met up with the protestors and explained of course they wouldn’t do that, they used 100% artificial ‘faux fur’ for every use of ‘fur’ in the song, and they all had a cup of tea and a good laugh about the confusion.

Unfortunately upon the drive home, the protestors, giddy from meeting the band and full of tea and biscuits, didn’t see a large party of foxes, minks and chinchillas on the road...

...until the very last moment, and had to swerve to avoid them, crashing the car. Luckily no-one got hurt.
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