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Already wrote a piece in the poetry thread about how the album tied in with my LSD period (do not try to imitate etc).
Only had The Holy Bible on tape which squeaked when listening to it, which took me out of the moment. GATS however on CD sounded like all the instruments were smiling at me, maaan!
I remember Donna Air on MTV being freaked out by the ending of the video when she first saw it.
I remember The Everlasting video having people on fire and how that video got banned when an unconnected incident had someone being set on fire.
I was happy the band were successful.
That said a woman who was one of the biggest mistakes in my life laughed in my face when I said it was their best album. (Fucking Travis fans)
Wasn't around in fandom though. That came later. Most of my Manic gig attendance has been from this century.
Looking back, what a fucking good job that was! (That I wasn't in fandom)
No idea where the huge fandom went. Mondeo Man. I remember reading that description in the music press. Still never took a driving lesson (I may be an imbecile but I'm not an idiot! Nothing against drivers but I wouldn't be safe behind the wheel)
Even bands that came after and got bigger like Coldplay, they never had the backlash the Manics got.
I MADE A MOVIE OF MY POETRY IN MY BEDROOM Top that, mainstream and counterculture! Cut straight to the chase about environment
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