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Originally Posted by bgdaniels View Post
The past 2 NA tours have included the East Coast and at least one of them included Toronto, if not both. You should be fine! I'm already super hype as this will be possibly the 3rd time in 10 years they've come here. It's hard to believe that such a big band in the UK so rarely ever tours the US/CA, but such is life for us NA Manics fans. Prior to the JFPL tour, they had not been to the US since I think 1998/1999 for TIMTTMY. That's simply incredible...
Yes, I saw the 1999 gig in Toronto and missed the 2009 one... I swear it wasn't promoted at all: I was very in-tune with local stuff in those days and didn't hear about it until a fortnight later. Even now, I feel nauseous with regret for missing that tour.
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