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Originally Posted by raven View Post
I've a copy of The Times review but I'm not sure if I can post? Or would it be in breach of copyright because it's subscriber access??
It doesn't cost anything though just your email and a password and you can read it, takes 2 minutes to access
The 3am piece that got taken down as well as being full of rubbish copied several lines from the Wales Online piece with no acknowledgment which may have contributed to it being taken down...anyways

It's not just privacy it's interpretation too maybe? Whoever hands over private materials, or chooses to publish may also have the power over how they are interpreted through how they choose to present them, what they decide to publish and what they decide to omit. Something the band seemed very aware of when they came to record's a big responsibilty and even if the best will in the world you might never be sure you've got it right. Sylvia Plath is possibly almost as well known for the arguments and fall outs and spite levelled at the Hughes family who took care of the copyright than she is for her poetry. I believe Anne Frank's diary was edited upon first publication though at the call of her publisher rather than her father (to take out the bits referring to sex...never mind the inhumanity of the camps and the mass murder can't mention any thoughts relating to sex...readers won't cope

Not stating as fact just reiterating what other's have said is gossip no? I can sound more blunt than I intend sometimes. Although someone will always disagree with you, someone will at some point misinterpret you that's no reason to decide to leave the forum or any other place and certainly not my intention. Just a few posts, not just yours, had started to be pretty derogatory towards members of the band and none of it based on anything but hearsay and assumptions and a friend of a friend's dog down the pub who overheard....I just find/found it frustrating than when so many are critcising SHR for repeating unsubstantiated rumours, putting her own interpretation on some events and just telling plain lies with the intent to denigrate the 3 remaining members over pretty much everything that the thread would itself descend into rumour and gossip and painting James black. I know no one has said 'this be true fact' but a lot of damaging gossip never states that, just repeats itself, gets ever more ridiculous and yet still harms

See, you're more measured
Quoting the whole lot cos it's too awkward to cut stuff out on my phone. Agree interpretation is important.Very. that's what I meant by taking care about what to publish and what to leave out. I thought it was Anne frank's dad that wanted the diary edited ..being prudish..I've not read the current version with everything back in. Never read Sylvia Plath's letters or her poetry. Included it cos I happened upon it scrolling instagram .
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