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I'm gutted this has been published. The written word is unfortunately so powerful and influential for some who can't be objective.
This shit will be believed by many.

The author is a scum bag shit c**t.
I'm certainly not someone that worships everything the band has done and I'm very aware they are human beings with the same ability to cause harm or do wrong as all of us, but it's so so clear that this is written by an obsessed lunatic that is should be dismissed immediately as a piece of sensationalist crap.

Its fan fiction. Thats exactly what it is. Because not one of the pieces of evidence that is being spouted has led to a single lead.

I also wouldn't be surprised if there's a money element to this but I'll keep my opinion on that to myself at this stage.

The band has been so so sensitive about everything surrounding Richey from day one. They have been dignified and I'm happy with how they conduct themselves.

So they mightve had some dramas in relationships - I'm pretty sure we all have and we have ALL done wrong. Because they are famous they don't deserve old shit dragged up by some little weirdo with a grudge.

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