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First time in the York Barbican last night. Was a bit worried that the place seemed like a mini-arena - in my experience Manics tend to put on worse performances in larger venues. But last night ended up being amazing - the sound mix and quality was brilliant (much better than Manchester Ritz) and both Nicky and James seemed in a great mood.

I won't do a song by song summary again, but I'd reckon that the performances of The Everlasting and You Stole the Sun were about the best I've heard. Prologue came to life a bit more, but Black Dog on My Shoulder still stole the show. One of my realisations about TIMTTMY is that despite it not being a 'guitar' album there is a hell of a lot of brilliant and understated guitar work on it.

I can give or take Sweet Child o' Mine - there's plenty of Manics songs I'd rather see, but at the same time I can understand why the band have to do things to keep it fun and interesting for themselves.

As always, will be interesting to see whether anything rare off TIMTTMY sticks around in the set lists for later in the summer....
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