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Originally Posted by Red View Post
First, the bad: Two more fights at this gig, both caused by people down the front getting fabulously offended at the thought that people jumping around and having fun (like you're meant to, y'know, when you're at the front, at a rock gig) might bump into them. If anyone reading this is of a similar mindset: stay further back if you treasure your personal space that much. Standing tickets sold out before the seated tickets at tonight's gig, so you've really no excuse. If someone does bump into you, if you could avoid lashing out at them, that'd be grand. Someone probably bumped them into you.

On that note, on the off-chance that the girl in the red t-shirt is reading, I hope you were able to stick around for the rest of the gig. That horrible little gremlin he was with left soon after he was removed. You would've been okay.
Sorry to hear that there was some trouble down the front. Thought in general the crowd was really pleasant night. On a couple of occasions when there were gaps forming I asked people if they would mind if I moved forward and everyone was lovely and polite. In complete contrast to Birmingham where I was pushed out of spite 😂
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