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Originally Posted by Routine Builder View Post
For no reason owing to the band, probably my worst gig.

Reason 1: like clockwork after Gwenno, two tall fucks push past me to stand directly in front near the stage. I've never seen two people look more disinterested at a gig. 50% of the time they were looking around, bored out of their minds. 40% of the time looking down at their phones and the final 10% Facebook casting the gig.

Reason 2. People Facebook casting the gig. There was a couple in front of me casting the entire gif sticking their phone in the air. Christ during Tolerate, I could barely see the stage for people videoing/casting the gig. If you're that type of person, you're fucking ignorant of the people behind you trying to watch the gig. Develop basic manners.

Which side of the hall were you, RB? There was two guys in flowery shirts that looked bored throughout, they would probably be pretty central, maybe three or four rows back.

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