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Had a wonderful time - almost didn't go as my laryngitis has been bad all week and my voice is shot. Far better than London last Friday, the crowd were up for it and the band seemed more relaxed into it.

The 2 lads that got booted out were utter bellends and got what they deserved. They stormed past where I was knocking drinks and people, didn't care a jot about anyone but themselves. So when they got marched out, a couple of people had a sly slap and kick at them on the way past . Props to security for dealing with them, should have been sooner.

As for the 2 blokes who filmed the gig on their cameras. Thanks for ruining some people around me's evening because they were forced to watch it through your camera. Have some respect fellas, not everyone is tall...

But yeah, I really had a good time, so much so I might see if I can sneak another gig in this tour in. For a tricky album, the Manics really have done a nice job on it.
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